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Sample and Enjoy Fine Wines at a Winery in Margaret River

According to Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, beer drinking now accounts for just 41% of alcohol consumed annually, down from 75% in the 1960s. Enjoying a glass of wine on the other hand, has increased over the same period from a mere 12% up to 38%.

It appears this trend is also growing elsewhere. The UK, which makes up the largest number of foreign tourists visiting Australia, has also seen a big decline in beer drinking. According to the UK’s Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), wine is now the favoured alcoholic drink of 60% of the UK adult population–all of which bodes well for Australia’s local wineries, and those who organise wine tours along Margaret River and the surrounding areas.


Margaret River Wineries: Sparkling Wines that are Perfect with Cheese

Sparkling wines have always been associated with joyous occasions for their festive taste. These wines also pair well with certain types of cheeses, particularly those a bit on the salty side. Here are some excellent suggestions from Margaret River wineries like The Berry Farm.
Triple Crème
Rich cheeses high in butterfat enhance the acidity of champagne, giving you a fuller taste as you enjoy each bite of cheese. Saint-Andre, a triple crème cheese made from cow’s milk in France, has a smooth and buttery taste that matches a wide range of sparkling wines. Another type of triple crème cheese favourite is Brilliat-Savarin, which was prominent in Normandy in the 18th century. Fruit-flavoured sparkling wines go best with high-fat cheeses like these.

Margaret River Wineries Make Fine Wines That Last as Long as Possible

You’ve probably heard it said that wine can only get better with age. Will this saying still hold true, though, if the wine is 150 years old? That is what a few wine connoisseurs set out to discover at a food festival held in South Carolina, U.S. According to reports, the wine experts held an historic uncorking of a bottle of wine recovered in 2011 from an 1864 wreck found off the Bermuda coast.

Some of these connoisseurs claimed to have tasted and enjoyed shipwreck wines in the past. Apparently, this wine wasn’t one of them.

Wineries in Margaret River Offer Wines that are Beneficial to Health

The tests involved picking and studying 12 Australian Shiraz brands out of 100 wines that were identified according to four distinct quality groups. They were then sorted into three four-wine flights that are randomly allocated to each taster; the participant blind-tasted a sample from each of the four bottles at a sensory laboratory, restaurant, and at home. Mills said a number of consumer focus groups joined forces to create a wine-emotion scale based on 19 distinct emotions that tasters should fill up after the trials. Each emotion was graded from one to nine, with the nine rated as “extremely.”

The results of the trials can have some effect on wine makers in Western Australia’s Margaret River region. Its proximity to the Indian and Southern Oceans, the climate, and soil quality long made it a viable force to be reckoned with in terms of wine production, and some sellers make great strides to acquire as much good tipple.

It pays to sample some

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Trouble Finding the Best Wines? Follow these Tips

As any wine connoisseur will tell you, a lot of things come into play that makes one bottle of wine better than the other. Even if you visit the best wineries in Margaret River or elsewhere in Western Australia, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pick the best bottle, especially if you don’t know about the things you need to look for in wines. Continue reading →