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Winery Restaurants Showcase the History of the Margaret River Area

The fact that the Margaret River area produces excellent wine is not exactly a huge secret. Although the wine takes centre stage, the fact that Margaret River also boasts a fantastic selection of cafés and winery restaurants for both locals and tourists to enjoy is not as well known. Despite that, Margaret River actually has a rich history that shows why the area is able to grow high-quality produce.

The region’s first settlers were aboriginal, and the Dutch settlers who followed were persuaded to settle in what became the town of Augusta. Not long after, another group of settlers found that the region’s jarrah wood was so incredible, they were able to repair their ship, the HMS Success, and sail home. Many of them found the quality of the wood to be remarkable and attributed the quality to the naturally rich soil found in the Margaret River region.


Winery Restaurants: The Best Place for a Great Lunch in Margaret River

Has it been a while since you’ve caught up with your friends? Are you always saying that it’s time you got together? Instead of just thinking about it, go ahead and schedule a lunch date or better still – organize a weekend away! Chatting over a meal is a very pleasant way of catching up with your friends, and there’s no better place to visit than a world-class winery in Margaret River, such as The Berry Farm, for an even more relaxing experience. What’s more, Margaret River winery restaurants use high-quality local ingredients, accompanied with their own wines. It’s a definite recipe for success!

Your lunch date will begin with a pleasant drive out to the winery. Then you can relax, away from the crowds and traffic of town, and order from a selection of delicious dishes for the best lunch in town. Many use organic or locally grown or farmed ingredients, which will please anyone who likes to eat healthily.

Margaret River Winery Restaurants: Fine Dining and the Best Margaret River Wines

If you’re visiting Western Australia for the first time, especially the Margaret River region, sooner or later two topics come up in conversation: the great quality of the wines produced in the area, and the mouth-watering home produced foods available in Margaret River winery restaurants.

Whether hiring your own car and visiting various wineries at your leisure or joining an organised trip, the whole experience will provide memories which last a lifetime – and they’re not all about wine.

The whole area gives the impression of a laid back, casual type of lifestyle. Nowhere is it more noticeable than when you choose to enjoy breakfast, a snack or full dinner at one of the quaint cafes or restaurants situated on many of the wineries.

Winery Restaurants: Three Local Foods That Will Complement Your Wine

Australian wine is renowned across the globe, with the Margaret River area standing proudly among the country’s major wine regions. As you can imagine, this also means that Margaret River is well-stocked with wineries and great restaurants from café lunches to fine dining. If you have come all this way to enjoy some of the finest wines you’ll ever taste straight from the source, it’s an absolute necessity that you enjoy it with some of the very best food that the region has to offer. To get the best out of your visit to a winery restaurant, here are three foods you must pair with excellent wines.


Lobster and crayfish are the focus of the largest fishery in Western Australia and contribute a significant amount to the state’s economy.

Winery Restaurants: A Paradise for Wine and Gourmet Food Connoisseurs

What better way could you think of spending a day than visiting a winery and following up with a delicious meal? If you love good food and wine, the beautiful area of Margaret River has so much to offer that you could spend weeks there. Lovers of the outdoors can enjoy the stunning scenery and beautiful landscape, perhaps by following a trail ride, or taking advantage of the world class surf, finishing off with a tasty meal at one of the Margaret River winery restaurants. With over 200 wineries in the region, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a place to eat. They’ll offer you a range of their own wines, as well as excellent food. It’s the perfect way to round off your wine-tasting experience.

Dining at Winery Restaurants and Other Ideas for a Fabulous First Date

You probably can’t help but get the quivers days before going out with someone for the first time. Yet you need to get over your nerves real quick so you can start thinking clearly and figure out how to plan the perfect first date. One thing’s for certain: You need to find a venue where you can enjoy each other’s company in utter relaxation.

The place sets the mood, after all, and influences how the whole date would play out. So, should you go on a classic dinner date within the city, or would you rather do something out of the ordinary?

For a spectacular first date, you might want to check out what winery restaurants in Margaret River have to offer. Be surrounded by the region’s wonderful sights and take a leisurely stroll through row upon row of plants and rustic barrels of wine. You can also look forward to a lot of fun activities at such a place.

Best Drinks to Enjoy at Winery Restaurants in the Margaret River Area

At only 110 square kilometres, the Margaret River region is quite small but is also one of Western Australia’s most diverse and renowned holiday destinations. As stated by MargaretRiver.com, the region boasts a bevy of fine winery restaurants. Aside from great food, what kinds of wine and other delightful beverages does the area have to offer?

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a type of wine that has considerable amounts of carbon dioxide, which gives it a distinctive fizziness. Champagne often comes to mind, but other interesting varieties of sparkling wine do exist. Wineries provide a selection of fine variants including sparkling passionfruit, strawberry, lemon and wild berry, and nashi pear wines.