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Explore the Best Wineries: How to Time Wine Tours for Utmost Enjoyment

Margaret River is a beautiful place with lots of fun and interesting activities. The vast expanse of the wineries in the region makes wine tours a favourite pastime. If you are in the area for the first time, then you must try out a tour or two to some of the best wineries in Margaret River. For a local who needs something to do during the weekend, visiting a winery can also do the trick. The fun you get out of a winery tour will mostly depend on your planning.

One of the fundamentals of planning a wine tour is knowing when to go. Just because you want to visit a winery does not mean it’s always the right time. Learn about good timing and what to look for when choosing your schedule.


Explore the Margaret River Region by Going on Wine Tours and More

Although Margaret River is most famous for its wines, tourists can find plenty to do among the coastal landscapes and pretty little creeks and rivers. The area offers skydiving, whale watching, off-road adventures, and much more. For a real taste of the region, however, you can’t do better than going on a tour.

With more than two hundred wineries to choose from, the options for wine tours in Margaret River are almost unlimited. A self-guided tour lets you pick your own route, while a chauffeured tour offers the chance to sit back and relax while someone else does the hard work. A tour guide will show you the sights and scenery along the way. You can choose to go in a large or small group, by car or bus.

Take a Self-Drive Trip: Explore Margaret River Winery Restaurants

Western Australia, the largest and most diverse state Down Under, is full of attractions and activities that any visitor can surely appreciate. All of the state’s five regions are blessed with natural resources and thriving enterprises, which account for its reputation as an ideal vacation destination. Margaret River, one of Western Australia’s more famous areas, is renowned for its wineries and seaside beaches, which make it a great choice for outdoorsy folks and luxury aficionados alike.

Manoeuvring around Margaret River is a breeze as the sprawling highways and roads are pristine and fairly easy to navigate. Since there is rarely any traffic in the countryside, driving a car may just be the best mode of transportation available. Scenic landscapes also create a wonderful and relaxing sight, making every mile of the journey worth the drive.

Taste Trip: Explore and Enjoy Great Margaret River Winery Restaurants

The Gourmet Escape was popular enough last year to net over 16,000 visitors. This makes the event one of the biggest food festivals in the world, a testament to the guests invited and the cuisine featured. The festival may have lasted only three days but excellent Margaret River winery restaurants like The Berry Farm’s Cottage Cafe are there for tourists year-round.

What makes Margaret River so special? Well, first of all, there’s the wine. Wineries dot the area and some of them only sell their vintage to visitors or exclusive distributors. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing of your wine with your dish, you can go on a tour around the many wineries that open their doors to the public.