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A History of Wine: How Modern Margaret River Wineries Began to Thrive

Wines have traditionally been made from grapes due to their naturally fermenting properties without having to add sugars, enzymes, strains of wine yeast, or other agents. Wine-making has since evolved across cultures, introducing an almost infinite blend of aromas and flavours made from other fruits abundant in a region. In Western Australia, for instance, modern wineries in Margaret River, such as The Berry Farm, have infused vibrant and luscious notes of apples, lemons, berries and other seasonal fruits into their wines.


Strawberry Wine from Margaret River Wineries is Good for Your Health

Fine wine is typically associated with grapes, but with the vast variety of fruits harvested in Australia, it’s always tempting to try something new. Famous Margaret River wineries like The Berry Farm have risen to the challenge by producing some of the finest sparkling strawberry wines in the market.

Aside from their tart sweetness and unmistakeable aroma, strawberries are also rich in vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants. According to the Stalk Institute of Biological Studies, the fruit contains fisetin, a compound that helps combat juvenile diabetes. When extracted and fermented, the nutritious juice gets turned into one of the healthiest wines on the planet.

Why Beef and Red Wine Pie from Margaret River Cafes are Such a Hit

The beef and red wine pie served at popular Margaret River winery restaurants—like the one at The Berry Farm—best exemplifies this contrast. This dish is a quintessential Australian favourite, especially come winter.

The classic recipe calls for premium beef from the southwest region, which includes Margaret River. This region is known for its rolling grasslands and fertile soil, which provide the perfect conditions for growing the grapes and raising the cattle for beef. The cattle here are grass-fed, a testament to the world-class quality of Australian beef.

Margaret River Winery Produces Fine Wines that Taste Better with Age

Wines are some of the few things in the world that get better as they get older. Be it a common cabernet or a fruity fortified, the wine you buy on Margaret River wine tours today can only taste better years from now. Indeed, the world’s oldest drinkable wine—the Rudsheimer Apostelwein—was produced back in 1727.

What’s the secret behind wine’s seemingly everlasting taste and aroma? Steve Delaney of the Opimian Society, a Canadian nonprofit wine cooperative, enlists the help of science to unravel this mystery.

Margaret River Wineries: Food and Wine Tours You Should Not Miss!

The vast vineyards of France and California have long dominated the shelves in supermarkets. Yet another strong contender comes in from the land down under. Armed with quality resources and stunning sights, Aussies show why their produce is among the most competitive in the global market.

The picturesque wineries of Margaret River, in particular, offer some of the tastiest fruit wines in the region. Take The Berry Farm, for instance, which is nestled in the Rosa Glen Valley and offers sparkling drinks from locally-grown pears, passion fruit and strawberries.

A Visit to Margaret River Wineries will be an Experience to Savour

Approximately ten kilometres from the Indian Ocean along the coast of Western Australia sits an idyllic township called Margaret River. Surrounded by immense forests and lush pastures, the town is located smack in the middle of natural attractions such as caves and surfing destinations as well as world-class Margaret River wineries. An Australia’s Southwest article featured Margaret River and the reasons why a visit to this storybook town will be one that you’ll likely never forget.

A Quaint Little Town

With a modest population of 5,000, Margaret River lives up to its reputation of being scenic and laid-back.

Margaret River Winery Restaurants Provide Double the Gastronomic Fun

Visitors to Western Australia’s southwest region would be delighted to discover a doubly satisfying gastronomic experience the moment they enter any of the fine Margaret River winery restaurants. Tourism Western Australia focuses on Margaret River’s five-star roster of wineries, restaurants, and everything in between.

National Treasure
Margaret River is regarded as one of the brightest jewels in Western Australia’s culinary crown.
Surrounded by beautiful beaches and majestic forests, this diverse region is the perfect setting for wineries, restaurants, and local produce gatherers.