Wineries in Margaret River Offer Wines that are Beneficial to Health

The tests involved picking and studying 12 Australian Shiraz brands out of 100 wines that were identified according to four distinct quality groups. They were then sorted into three four-wine flights that are randomly allocated to each taster; the participant blind-tasted a sample from each of the four bottles at a sensory laboratory, restaurant, and at home. Mills said a number of consumer focus groups joined forces to create a wine-emotion scale based on 19 distinct emotions that tasters should fill up after the trials. Each emotion was graded from one to nine, with the nine rated as “extremely.”

The results of the trials can have some effect on wine makers in Western Australia’s Margaret River region. Its proximity to the Indian and Southern Oceans, the climate, and soil quality long made it a viable force to be reckoned with in terms of wine production, and some sellers make great strides to acquire as much good tipple.

It pays to sample some


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