Things that Make a Great Cafe

Cafes can be found in almost every street corner and one wonders what these shops offer to reel in a crowd for a cup of coffee. Is it the freshly brewed coffee or the scrumptious food that attracts a faithful battalion of customers daily, or is it something else? Here are some signs that your local café is a great one:

  1. Coffee. Obviously, a great café should have an exquisite offering of coffee in order to be great. People are always willing to try new varieties and new drinks. There’s even an unofficial rule that says great coffee places should be serving more coffee than any other item that they carry.

  2. Location. Accessibility and convenience for customers are highly important. This is why many known local and chain of cafes are almost always located around street corners.

  3. Baristas. Though some would already have a preferred brew or kind of coffee, many still like it when baristas can offer suggestions as to which coffee is their house special. Baristas that chat with their customers also give an air of hospitality to any café and can result in return visits.

  4. Ambiance. In historical context, cafes have been the central hub of arts, politics, relationships and culture. Modern coffee places still offer these and so much more, like being a place for social meet ups and, sometimes even serving as an extension of the workplace. Café ambiance should also encourage creation, consumption and integration into the community.


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