Why Visit a Winery in Margaret River?

You can’t help it, you just have an undying passion for wines. You already have a massive wine collection, read just about every book about vintages, and know by heart which wine pairs well with what food. What more can a wine lover do?

Well, have you ever considered visiting a winery? In recent decades, Australia has established itself as a major player in the winemaking industry, and many vineyards offer daytrips to tourists. If it’s world-class vintages you’re looking for, though, your first stop should definitely be Margaret River, a quiet town three and a half hours away from Perth.

Why are wine tours a great idea activity for wine enthusiasts? Below are just three reasons:

See for Yourself

Winemaking is both a science and an art, and what better way to appreciate this process than by seeing it for yourself, from the picking of the grape to the bottling of the wine. Even better, you get to taste the fruit of the vineyard’s hard work at the end of the tour!

Kindred Spirits

What’s the only thing better than seeing the winemaking process first-hand? Sharing this experience with fellow wine lovers! Who knows, you might even make a new friend or two during your trip.

Enjoy the View

When it comes to vacations, getting to your destination is half the fun. With Margaret River’s stunning beaches and vineyard vistas, this statement certainly rings true.


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