Cutting Costs on Winery Visits

Visiting the best wineries in regions like Margaret River can be quite an experience. However, as with any great experience, the cost to participate in it might be prohibitive at times. If it isn’t in you to shirk at the opportunity to join a visit to a truly great winery, here are some strategies that can help you minimise the expense of doing so.

Buy a Bottle

Many wineries will be happy to waive the fee for a wine tasting session if you or your party decide to purchase some wine on the visit. The purchase of a bottle can sometimes be less expensive than wine tasting fees, but you otherwise get more value for your money, regardless, as you are then able to take away more from the event than just the experience itself. Be sure to enquire with the winery about such incentives beforehand, however, as not all wineries might offer them.

Split the Cost

Most wineries will allow you to split the cost of a wine tasting session with another person. You agree to share the same glass, and so get half the portion sizes, but as wine tasting sessions are about tasting rather than consuming, splitting the cost does little to ruin the experience. Again, as with the purchase incentive, ask beforehand so you’re not caught off-guard.


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