The Vegan’s Guide to Eating Out

It’s not always easy to look for good restaurants when you’re a vegetarian. For one, some restaurants don’t even have a special menu for vegans. If you’re a dedicated vegetarian, be it by principle or by medical reasons, here are some useful tips you should consider before going on your next food trip with some friends.

Research restaurants ahead of time.

Look for some nice cafes that cater to vegetarian customers ahead of your planned trip. This way, you’ll be able to scope out a wide array of options near you before finally settling on a place to dine in.

Call the restaurant.

After you’ve chosen a place, make it a point to actually call them perhaps a few hours before you go there. That way you can confirm if they do have vegan options available for you when you arrive. You can even opt to specify exactly which dishes you want, making things even more convenient.

Try ethnic cuisine.

There are so many cuisines out there that have a lot of ‘naturally’ vegan-friendly dishes, especially Asian food. In such places you could have your fill of rice, beans, leafy vegetables, carrots, and other similar dishes on the menu before you could even get to the page dedicated to meats.


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