Factors that Affect Wine Quality

Wines are interesting creations–different fruits are used to craft it, different processes can be applied to make it, different connoisseurs taste and judge it. The world of wines is alien yet familiar, placing it in a unique location in the human consciousness.

Moreover, the aforementioned criteria aren’t the only factors that differentiate one wine from another. The character and taste of such an elixir can be made obvious by even the minutest of details. Here are some factors that can make wine great:


The soil of the winery is an important component of the winemaking process, as the grape vines that produce the vital produce depend on it for sustenance. The combination of nutrients, alongside the right weather, can produce the best-tasting wine.


Hillsides are ideal locations for vineyards not only because of its aesthetic appeal, but also, and more importantly, because the slanted angle allows the vines to absorb more sunlight, which in turn develops great grapes and, subsequently, great wine.


The best kind of wine come from grapes that grow on locations that have annual mean temperatures between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius are ideal locations for growing wine-worthy fruit. Temperatures higher or lower will result to terrible wine or, worse, vinegar.


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