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Cafes that Stand Out and Leave a Mark

There are always new cafes that open but few ever stand out from others and leave a particular mark on customers for them to go back for seconds, and even become loyal patrons. So how do you distinguish a remarkable cafe from a mediocre one? Here are some simple signs anyone can look for in their favorite cafes: Continue reading →


Margaret River: A World-Class Wine Region

When people talk about wine regions, places like Alsace in France or Napa Valley in the U.S. often spring to mind. However, world-renowned wines are also being produced in Australia’s own backyard. Take the Margaret River wine region, for example.

Margaret River may not seem like your traditional wine region at first. After all, the coastal town is also a renowned surfing destination, with over 40 beaches that attract surfers from the world over. However, the same conditions that make it ideal for surfing also make it a great place to produce wines. Continue reading →

Exploring Margaret River Wine Country

Margaret River and the region surrounding it are a popular tourist destination for wine lovers. Famous for producing the fine Australian wines that command about 20 per cent of the country’s wine market, the wineries in the region attract a steady stream of visitors eager to see firsthand what makes the area’s vino so great.

Outside of guided tours, first-time visitors may find the location of the area’s top wineries a bit of a challenge. However, consulting a Margaret River wineries map is usually all it takes to acquaint yourself with the locations of some of the region’s most attractive offers. Continue reading →

Trouble Finding the Best Wines? Follow these Tips

As any wine connoisseur will tell you, a lot of things come into play that makes one bottle of wine better than the other. Even if you visit the best wineries in Margaret River or elsewhere in Western Australia, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pick the best bottle, especially if you don’t know about the things you need to look for in wines. Continue reading →